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The Participation Conference - 3-4th May 2017



The registration for the Participation Conference 2017 has now ended.

If you are too late to register, but still would like to join the conference, there might still be some open spots for the conference, but then you have to contact us directly before registration:                +47 48 31 52 81

Pauline Grace (UK)

Pauline is senior lecturer and MA Programme Leader of Youth and Community Work at Newman University and has over 30 years of face-to-face youth work experience in the  UK. She facilitated in 2010 at the first European Youth Work  Convention, which resulted in the first European Declaration on Youth Work. In 2015 she was invited as an expert to give input to the second European Convention. Pauline is a founder and Vice-President of Professional Open Youth Work in Europe (POYWE), which is a pan-European group representing youth work at a European level. She sits on the UK’s In Defence of Youth Work (IDYW) national steering group. Pauline is the Chief Editor of the International Journal of Open Youth Work.

Marius Ulozas (LT)

Marius is the director of Institute for Policy Research and Analysis, active in youth policy, policy analysis and youth work development. He is an expert in democracy and participation issues, education adviser to Council of Europe and European Commission, one of founding experts of Structured dialogue (participation in the decision-making). He is working as researcher, policy analyst and freelance trainer.


Nerijus Miginis (LT)

Nerijus is the co-founder, trainer, expert and researcher at Institute for Policy Research and Analysis. Nerijus works in the fields of Youth policy, European youth policy, Youth research, Advocacy and Campaigning, Youth work, Non-formal education, Participation, Strategic management and Project management. He has working experience in EU, EEE and EECA regions and experience in capacity building of civil servants, civil society organizations, business companies and local communities. He has a Masters degree in Education Policy and Research from Vilnius University (2010-2012). He has been developing Lithuanian Youth worker certification methodology (2008-2013), Research and methodologies on the topic of Cross-sectorial cooperation (2011-2016) and Non-Formal Education Quality guidelines for Lithuania (2016).


Pål Isdahl Solberg (NO)

Pål is s lecturer at the University College of Southeast Norway, and is a co-founder of POYWE and the Participation Agency, and was secretary general of Ungdom og Fritid, the Norwegian National youth club organization, for 7 years. He is an active international trainer and speaker at conferences about participation and youth policy.


John Grace (UK)

John has been involved in youth and community work for 47 years; for more than thirty years he worked in a local authority (municipality). Having started in the local voluntary sector during the 1970s, he has recently become Director of a UK-based NGO, Youth Work Europe. He is a Visiting Lecturer on university courses related to young people and youth policy; and he has extensive experience of designing and delivering a broad range of training programmes.

Marit Bredesen / Henriette Øyan
Tone Jørgensen
Kristin Skåre
Anja Boman / Hedda Kirkhus
Evalina Simkute
Janne Vikerødgården / Anne Maren Mogen
Kine Røen/ Erla Gunnarsdottir


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