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The Participation Conference - 3-4th May 2017

The registration for the Participation Conference 2017 has now ended.

If you are too late to register, but still would like to join the conference, there might still be some open spots for the conference, but then you have to contact us directly before registration:                +47 48 31 52 81

Do you work with participation and would like to know more about how to involve youth? Would you like to know how YOU can be involved? How do we work across sectors with involving youth and other stakeholders?

#ParticipationMatters - The Participation Conference 2017, will gather people who are interested in how to involving youth or others in their decision making processes and look at what role participation plays in our society. We will look at the values and theory that lies behind participation, and some tools and methods that are used to ensure that participation has an impact. This conference will have a focus on sharing and co-creation, and there will be allocated space for you as a participant to discuss, share and harvest the experience of others.

The conference will have a cross-sectorial approach and there will be people from the field of youth, employment, public health, school, universities, public sector, NGOs and other interested parties both from Norway and abroad. The working language of the conference will be English.

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