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#ASP model

The #ASP model has been developed in collaboration with participation expert from all over Europe, and aim to create a holistic approach to participation.



For many people participation is a hard and diffuse term. After years of experience of process-facilitation, lecturing and leading seminars on how people are in involved in their local community, our experience was that many places struggled to keep focus on participation over time.


A international network of process-facilitators and lecturers became the starting point of what today is The Participation Agency. We saw that there was need for a more holistic approach to participation, a need for a model that could work over time, and a stronger link between policy and participation especially on a local level.


The #ASP model stand for Advanced Sustainable Participation Model,  and aims to create a holistic approach that works over time and is adaptable to local, regional and national level. The model contains a diverse set of methods and approaches, and aim to bridge the gap between participation and policy.


Through quality participation processes, we believe that we can strengthen our democracy and create a greater diversity of ideas and initiatives!

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