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What can we help you with?

Our Participation agents have broad experience in participatory processes both on local, national and international level. Our work is based around the #ASP model, a holistic approach to participation. Our network also includes other #ASP organizations, experts, lecturers and facilitators in several countries around Europe.



We can offer shorter and longer seminars in different methodologies and approaches to participation. This can be relevant for local authorities, schools, youth councils, organizations and other user- and participatory structures.

Speakers and lecturers

We have several experienced speakers and lecturers in and around the participation agency network. We can help you get in touch with people that can inform, motive and inspire!

Process facilitation


Good processes is an important aspect of participation. We believe that good process facilitators are a key factor for succeeding in you participation work. We train process facilitators, and also have a network of experienced process facilitators that can be accessed when needed.

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